Opposites or Nah? THC and CBD in Cannabis

Posted by Khnum on Dec 17th 2018

Got an edible in your left hand and tightly rolled flowers in your right? How about CBD infused ointment in your medicine cabinet and a THC potent e-vape in the cupboard below the sink? If you consume … read more

Marijuana Tax Act & Michigan Legalization

Posted by Khnum on Dec 5th 2018

Let's have a talk about the Marijuana Tax Act. Parents, religious groups, and health gurus speak against the recreational use of cannabis in our culture. Their admonishments don't compare to the real … read more

LA to Vancouver w/ Cannabis

Posted by Khnum on Nov 26th 2018

Here in the KING’s court we provide fun suggestions. You’ve been good to us, and for that we figured we would play travel agent to you. So for your first trip to break in the new year we recommend lea … read more

Milestone Reached

Posted by Ellie on Nov 13th 2018

As I put on one of my favorite pairs of jeans, I found myself trying to pull the belt further in to insert the prong into the hole of the belt. No matter how I tried to accomplish this action, I could … read more

Cardio Vs. Weightlifting

Posted by Ellie on Nov 7th 2018

While cardio focuses on weight-loss---that being anything from fat to muscle and even water weight, weight-lifting burns fat. More than just a fat burning tool, weight-lifting enhances mood while redu … read more