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Privacy Policy

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 By entering and using the site you adhere to and accept the information,

stipulations and responsibilities of our Privacy Policy: is owned and operated by InfinityThebes, LLC. As an online business we engage with information that is personal and private. We have a policy for handling the information we engage with in the course of running our business that stands in accordance with good faith and integrity, as well as California and U.S. law. Here you can learn what information we access, store, transfer and use, and for which purpose.

What and Why?

  • Making A Purchase - when you make a purchase on you will have to provide personal and private information that may include: your name, email address, billing and shipping address, credit card information, phone number and IP address. This is information that you are asked for in order to complete the secure checkout process. This information is gathered in whole or in part by our site, our ecommerce and hosting platform BIGCommerce, and our payment services provider
  • Site Traffic & Engagement - when you enter and browse the site we may automatically gather information like: your IP address, information on your browser, which pages you visit and for how long, demographic information, and other information regarding when and how you interacted with our site. Our site also uses tracking tools like cookies that are sent to your browser to collect information, remember and personalize your engagement with the site. This information is used by our site as well as third parties such as our ecommerce and hosting platform BIGCommerce, and other third parties like Google Analytics. This information is useful in a continuous improvement in our site’s features from our standpoint but third parties like Google Analytics will use this information to track website data for separate purposes.
  • Marketing & Correspondence - when you set up an account on, reach out to us via email or engage with us on social media we may gather information including: your name, email address, phone number and other contact information. We use this information to update you on our site, on any company news, to market products to you and to invite you to engage with us.


  • We use SSL encryption to secure your information on our site. Our ecommerce and hosting solution BIGCommerce provides us with industry standard security. Our payment service provider uses industry standard security and is PCI compliant.

  • We will not transfer sensitive information in our correspondence with you for added measure. We encourage you to refrain from sending information like your billing and shipping address and credit card information in any correspondence with us, including social media.

 More On Third Parties:

  • Information that we engage with for the secure checkout and completion of a purchase are safely secured by SSL connection and the other security measures of our providers BIGCommerce and Your credit card information in particular is stored securely by our payment service provider

  • We use data collected by third parties like Google Analytics to aid in the enhancing of our site. Please note that Google and other websites that view browsing and other site traffic and engagement data will have their purposes for information they can access and thus have their own INDEPENDENT privacy policies. It is your responsibility and not the responsibility of InfinityThebes, LLC and its properties, partners, employees and affiliates to inform you of third party privacy policies, nor to be constantly aware of third party privacy policies.

  • We may have outbound links that leave our site and lead to another site that is not owned or operated by InfinityThebes, LLC. We are not responsible for any activity or any content and any other circumstance that occurs on such sites. Please note that such sites will have their own INDEPENDENT privacy policy.

  • We do not sell any of the information that we gather for our various uses for any reason whatesover. Your information is strictly for completing a purchase, providing you your purchase, enhancing the site and corresponding with you.

  • We would only disclose your information to a relevant law enforcement agency or organization in a legally relevant circumstance such as: protecting InfinityThebes, LLC, protecting against legal liability, or a crime.  

  • We are based in California, United States and thus are subject to the privacy laws of the state and the country. Keep in mind that third parties and even you may be located in a jurisdiction which has differing privacy laws. Please note that is subject only to California, United States laws.


InfinityThebes, LLC and its properties including, partners, employees and affiliates will not be held liable and/or responsible for any issue, damage, loss, grievance, legal action that you experience from your use or inability to use this site. Please note that this site, like many websites may experience inconsistencies or inaccurate and old information from time to time. Please note that our privacy policy is subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to view our privacy policy to become and remain up to date on our privacy policy.  Please note that our site is intended for adults, persons at least 18 years or older. If you are a minor you are not allowed on this site.

 Preventing Your Information Collection

  • You can prevent cookies from collecting site traffic and engagement data by disabling cookies in your browser.

  • You can stop your information used for marketing and correspondence from being stored by contacting us at We will then remove you from any email lists, newsletters or contact groups.

  • You can not prevent the collection of credit card information, billing and shipping and other contact information if you intend to make a purchase or continue making purchases with