We in the KINGS court feel you need a constantly evolving and progressing atmosphere. We want you to have a new hat to wear downtown. We know your boyfriend would like to share a smoke session with you through a sexy new spoon. SEASON is the reason, the answer. We will be bringing new products, both headshop and apparel, to the center of KINGS court for tip off. At that same time we will be ushering items into retirement.


We have two 6 month long seasons:


Khnum or KNM


Khnum is an ancient Egyptian diety. The ram headed pottery wheel god of creation, Khnum is the court spirit of the KNM season or the first of the two 6 month long seasons. 


Anubis or NBS


Anubis is an ancient Egyptian Diety. The dog headed heavenly guarder of the grave, Anubis is the court spirit of the NBS season or the second of the two 6 month long seasons.


Every 6 months keep ya head up for new items, especially KNM or NBS branded apparel, and visit this page for current season items. Check out exitTHEBAN for retired items and wasTHEBAN for old favorites and discounts. Check out our blog for more and more info on Khnum & Anubis.



KINGS Court Recommended

these items caught our Horus eye



InfinityThebes Brand Strapback Hat KNM0





Red Gecko Glass Handpipe




KNM0 Headshop

KNM0 season headshop items



 KNM0 Apparel

KNM0 season apparel items 




     InfinityThebes Brand Strapback Hat KNM0

 $37.99 SHIPS FREE




 InfinityThebes Brand T-Shirt KNM0

 $34.00 SHIPS FREE